Location on the moraine

The B&B Berg en Dals oude Pomphuisje is located 90 meters above sea level on the moraine formed in the last ice age. In the forest on the border of Nijmegen - Berg en Dal.


Downhill you find the meandering Waal river with its floodplains and ooijpolder. Excellent areas for horizontal cyclists / walkers. Discover Millingerwaard by bike with his "wild" cows and horses. Or take the farm track for a walk.

Hilly landscape

Berg en Dal is part of an un-Dutch country side with the Seven Hills (notorious among the Four Days Marches). The Marchers pass by the Pumphouse on the 3th day. The beautiful forest of the Duivelsberg with its deep rifts and beautiful vistas, is certainly worth a visit.


For culture lovers, there are several museums in Nijmegen, de Heilige Landstichting and Groesbeek like the Museum Valkhof, Oriƫntalis Museum, the National Liberation Museum, Africa Museum and much more.


Nijmegen and Berg en Dal have many nice restaurants such as the Putt, Waud, Tante Koosje, Sjalot and eatery's like Klinkklaar, Trianon.

Following the dike direction Millingen you find the cozy eatery Oortjeshekken.

In the forests of the Duivelsberg you can enjoy delicious Dutch pancakes in the Pannenkoeken huis Duivelsberg. Highly recommended.

As an alternative you can dine in Kranenburg, Germany. (15 min. by car).

Public transport

At Nijmegen central trainstation, get on bus 8 to Berg en Dal. After 25 min. you get of at busstop "Vijverhof". From there cross Berg and Dalseweg / Oude Kleefsebaan and enter the unpaved road for just 50 meter.